NEUHealthy eating without having to miss out – 
the new lactose-free products by Etelser

Lactose is a constituent of the milk of mammals. It is an important source of energy for humans, and babies in particular. However, lactose is contained not only in milk itself, but also in all dairy products.

In order to be able to utilise lactose (a disaccharide), it has to be split into its two monosaccharides – galactose and glucose – during the process of digestion. This task is performed by the enzyme lactase. This enzyme is often no longer produced in sufficient quantities in adults, meaning that lactose intolerance may develop.

In the production of lactose-free dairy products, lactose is split in the course of a technological process; a quantity of less than 0.1 g lactose per 100 g then remains.

This way, dairy products can be enjoyed once again without any regrets.

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