Under our umbrella brand “Etelser” you will find cooked cheese products, all kinds of cream cheese varieties, quark and processed cheese portions.

Our company made its name with traditional cooked cheese from an unspoilt rural environment. The pure ingredients used include high-quality full cream milk, fresh cream, aromatic butter and sour milk quark. This product enabled the initially largely handcraft-based company Etelser to take the step towards a modern method of industrial production. Incidentally, with 20 per cent fat in dry matter, cooked cheese produced according to the original recipe is a very low-fat cheese.

The wide range of products offered under our traditional brand “Etelser” means we have something to suit all tastes. From very wholesome to low-fat, or even organic products. Our cream cheese, in particular, is available in lots of different delicious flavours.

The range of practical portions makes handling easy, and is especially ideal for bulk consumers such as canteens, hotels and restaurants. Professional caterers will also find a wide range of various sized large packs.